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For over a decade Born To Love has been performing a Tribute show to one of rocks greatest legends, the one and only Freddie Mercury.

The show has won rave reviews across the world and has made him one of the most sought after tribute acts in Europe.

Born To Love as Freddie Mercury is one of the best acts you are likely to see and is a truly stunning and exhilarating experience.

Playing to the audience is second nature as Born To Love "becomes" Freddie from the moment he steps onto the stage. The audience love him and he plays the part to perfection. Moving around the stage with incredible agility, "Freddie" displays some amazing dance moves.

Made up and slicked down to look like Freddie Mercury, wearing replica clothing, having all the moves off to a "T", and with a sound as close to the original Freddie as you could imagine, he literally rocks...

Everyone joins in dancing and clapping, having a great time, becoming the Live Aid Wembley crowd. For stage presence and command of the audience, you cannot beat Born To Love. You will certainly have an evening to remember. The show is suitable for the youngest to the oldest. This is one show that you really have to see to appreciate how great an act this is!